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Ethnicity and the essence of tradition are the most celebrated specialty of Rajasthan. Being the western part of India, this state represents the beauty of the desert, traditional food and clothes, and ethnic jewelry. Welcome to the page of Silver Hub Jewelry, one of the leading Jewelry Manufacturers in Jaipur. We manufacture and present impressive Gemstones and ornaments on those at a reasonable price. By honoring the actual allure of gemstones, we aim to illuminate all the women of our country with a traditional fashion sense. To know more about us, just scroll down and follow the write-ups below.

Why Should You choose us?

  • Along with the professional artisans and gem carters, we manage each task with ultimate honesty, hard work, a sense of community and absolute enthusiasm.
  • Silver Hub Jewelry generally does not depend on any other manufacturer for the supply of the gemstones. With the help of technically updated artisans and gemologists, we manufacture gems after mining and fit ornaments on our own technicality. This aspect reduces the cost of the ornaments. We also feel happy to provide cost-effective jewelry sets.
  • Variety in jewelry sets is another specialty of ours. jewelry for various occasions and places is available in our shops. Being the finest and most trustable Gemstone Manufacturer In Jaipur, we also sell gemstones directly which are not attached to the ornaments also. So, hurry up. Visit our store today and explore a number of gemstones in our stocks. After experiencing all of our stocks, collect your preferable gemstone to upgrade your fashion.
  • Customized designs are another specialty that has made us famous among our clients. According to our client's choice, we make jewelry frequently. As a center for mass Jewelry production in Jaipur, we always try to please our clients by portraying our stocks with the utmost seriousness.

Variety Of Jewelry In Silver Hub Jewelry


We are proud to offer you 100% handcrafted jewelry which is made from the hard work of our artisans. The jewelry options like customized rings with bright gemstones, magnificent bracelets, fascinating year rings with precious metals and unconventional stones, and a necklace with a royal touch are our four major types of jewelry. Being the most notified gemstone Jewelry manufacturers in Jaipur, we have some best-selling items like Turquoise Natural Gemstone 925 Solid Silver Rings, Certified Czech Moldavite and Herkimer Rough Ring, Caribbean Natural Gemstone Bracelets, etc.


On the other hand, by working for long years as Jaipur Gemstone Wholesaler, we provide a variety of gemstones like Turquoise, Rainbow Moonstone, moldavite, Spiny Oyster Turquoise, Labradorite, Ethiopian Opal, Copper Turquoise etc.


From our newly arrived jewelry sets, the products like Ethiopian Opal Natural Gemstone Rings, Amethyst Natural Gemstone Rings, and Labradorite Natural Gemstone Solid Silver Rings can simply blow your mind.


While summing up the post, we can say that our special and unconventional services have made use, especially for you. Along with our ethnically rich ornaments, we are elegant for our services like free shipping, 100% refund policy, 30 days free return, and direct dealing with manufacturers. So hurry up. Remove all hesitations and visit our site today.